Successful Backyard Landscape Ideas

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Landscaping designs
 Backyard Landscape Ideas

Backyard Landscape Ideas

Coming up with backyard landscape ideas might not be easy. Would you spend several weeks picking out the existing color for the landscaping and house your front yard, only to neglect the backyard and hide it with a big fence.

A good backyard landscape plan is a key element to having a beautiful home that will feel finished and net you higher dollars when you sell. Curb appeal is a marketing term for how your house looks from the outside, does your house have backyard appeal? If not than you will want to continue reading this article and learn more about backyard landscape ideas.

We spend a lot of energy and time in decorating our houses and making them a home. Do the same for your backyard with landscaping and you will add another room to your house. A well-designed backyard-landscaping project will cause you to want to spend time outside enjoying the nature and landscaping.

To start designing your new backyard landscape spend some time thinking about what you want to see in your yard and do with yourbushes and yard, and trees during each season of the year. Do you want green trees all year, a lot of flowers and color in the spring, and lush grass in the summer? Or maybe you like more low maintenance shrubs and plants.

Backyard landscapes have evolved from lawn and a sprinkler to new modern designs involvingspas and pools, barbeque pits,couches and tables, and dishwashers. The modern idea for a back yard has become an outside room that you can use many months out of the year. Before you start digging the hole for the pool do some research online to view pictures of what other people have done with their backyards, Backyards are the screened porches of the twenty-first century but. Spend some time thinking about what aspects of their designs you like and what you dislike. If others have recommended the appliance for use in your area, research the appliances you want to use and see. After all what works in a backyard in California probably won’t work out as well in Maine. Once you have your backyard landscape ideas you can start making a plan on how to achieve your backyard goal. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person you can find instructions and plans online to complete your backyard-landscaping plan. Search online for a backyard-landscaping contractor if you do not have the time or the desire to complete your backyard-landscaping plan yourself. You will find many people who are willing and ready to take on your project and give your backyard the appeal you never imagined possible.

landscape design ideas

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landscape design ideas

landscape design ideas

Landscape design in your garden can be a truly fascinating activity! You have a lot of options when designing your dream garden and to put your plans into practice then. You basically have two options, which are namely to create one large landscape, or to combine several landscapes within just one garden. Before you go into planning, it is worth reflecting about what your garden means to you. Is the garden a space for you to relax? Or is it a space for you and your family to simply feel well in? If you have children, you might consider having large areas with only grass growing in them, where your kids can run around and enjoy themselves. In that case, you should have one “activity-area” and one design area, because you don’t want your kids to play games running over your flowers, do you?
You can also think about creating “fantasy landscapes” in your garden. Have you, for example considered to use a pile of rock symbolizing mountains, to have a “desert corner”, where you can grow a cactus and to have a water area with a pond all in one garden? You can then use art work that has a relation with any of those areas, for example by putting ceramic fish statues around the pond, using oriental style decorative elements in the desert corner, etc. Many landscapes also get a very different character, if you erect one or more archways inside them. They can be something really nice and stylish, especially, when plants grow over them.
It is obviously also always nice to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in your garden. If you would like to have that opportunity, too, reserve some space for the types of plants that you want to grow either by allocating a complete area for them or by incorporating them into the general landscape of your garden and growing them at different spots all over it.
When you make plans for the landscape design of your garden, it is advisable to let everyone in your household join discussions to hear about what all of them expect the garden to be. If one member of your family wants the garden to be a place to mainly enjoy lunch and dinner together, your children will want to use it for playing and you yourself think about using it mainly for growing fruits and vegetables, you will need to find solutions for landscape design that make all of you happy. We wish you a lot of fun when you plan your landscape design and we hope that you will create a wonderful place to live!

Simple Tips For A Low Budget Pretty Backyard

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backyard landscaping tips

backyard landscaping tips

A backyard contributes to the elegance of a house, it makes a house look like a home as if the person living there wants his place to be blossoming. A pretty backyard is eye catching and relaxing, it substitutes naturally scenery like that of an ocean or a waterfall. A neat, clean, green backyard daunted by colorful flowers and fruits with a few man-made structures like the fountains, waterfalls, ponds, canopies, gazebos, fences, bridges, pathways and stone sculptures add to the beauty of the house and reflects upon the taste of those living there.
The pretty backyard does not need a high budget and it may not need high maintenance either, depending on how it is architectured.
Instead of hiring a company to design one, a little research could help in sketching one. A plan is a must, imaging what to fit where and drafting it on a paper is the first step towards designing.
Choosing evergreen plants instead of seasonal ones and growing plants that suit the climate instead of those that are imported, may become viable.
Buying seeds to grow plants, instead buying the plant itself also saves a lot of money, provided the green thumb strikes.
Placing permanent wooden or stone structures like benches, small bridges, canopies, instead of high maintenance water features, may prove to be convenient and lasting.
Getting a low cost professional to carve the tree stumps could contribute to the beautification process provided it suits the budget.
If it is not possible to have pool chairs on a porch, then making place for the classic garden table and chairs is a must. Every backyard must have a comfortable spot where people can sit and admire what nature has to offer; it can be in any shape or size but it has to be a comfortable spot which preferably gives the entire view of the backyard.
Trees are an essential part of the backyard besides the shrubs and rosy bushes, if the backyard does not have trees then choosing the right one that protects the house against extreme weather conditions may prove to be a green eco-friendly deed.
A backyard that turns into a perennial canal during the rainy season is a load full of inconvenience. It may need an overhaul that will correct the slope, downspouts and drains, to control the flow of water without causing floods. In such a situation hiring professional help is worth the investment.
The backyard maintenance needs the right tools and equipment for its upkeep. Shopping for tools and equipment in the off-season and signing up for sale-alerts at supermarkets could help operate on a low budget.
Investing time and energy for the backyard of the house that one lives in is definitely worth it.
Hope these backyard landscaping tips come handy!

front yard landscaping ideas

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front yard landscaping ideas

front yard landscaping ideas

A friendly looking front yard is like the business card of your house. This is a chance for you to present your house well to people outside, but it is also a risk, because if your front yard does not look inviting, your house might have an atmosphere of being not welcoming to outsiders.
It is also advisable to keep your front yard looking tidy all the time. If you really care well for your garden and let it look beautiful at all seasons, this leaves a very positive impression about you. On the contrary, a front yard not showing much creativity, an untidy front yard or a front yard with hardly any flowers or other plants in it does not convey a good feeling to people who walk by or come to visit your house.
In case that you don’t use your front fence for protection or security reasons, consider keeping it low. A higher fence or a wall might give your front yard the impression of being shut off rather than inviting visitors to come in. It is also good to let plants with blossoms, for example vine plants or colorful flowers grow along or on your fence. They will transmit a sense of “playing” with the fence in the sense of that the fence does not look like a barrier, but like a decorative and beautiful object.
As for the walkway or path leading through the front yard, you have a couple of different design options. If your front yard is large enough, you can choose to lay out a curved way leading to your door. This will convey a sense of something playful and friendly. If your front yard is not large enough for that and you must have a straight walkway leading to your entrance door, you should take away something from its “assertive” character and there are a couple of ways for doing so: You can, for example, let some plants grow along the path, which will cover it’s straight and sharp looking edges and make them look more diffuse. Another idea is to use stones of different colors to lay out your path. Also an archway built over the walkway can give your front yard an enchanting atmosphere.
You could also consider having one or more flowering trees in your front yard. They are especially good choices, if they drop their blossoms for many months of the year, because the blossoms spread out over the ground of a garden always transmit a peaceful and harmonic atmosphere.

front yard landscaping

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front yard landscaping

front yard landscaping

The front yard is in many ways comparable to the face, the first impression or the introduction to a house and the people who live in it. A friendly looking front yard can thus leave an inviting impression with the people who walk by. If you put some effort and energy in front yard landscaping, it will not be difficult for you to transmit such a good and inviting impression. In most cases front yards are rather small. The following ideas, however, can be realized both in ordinary small front yards and in larger spaces.
When you plan your front yard landscaping, you should consider at all times that the impression ought to be friendly and welcoming for visitors. You can transmit such an inviting message in various ways. One of the easiest among them is to put little decorative statues or figures in your front yard. Everyone, who walks by on the street will perceive a sense of cordiality and friendliness when seeing them.
Another fairly easy method for creating a cordial atmosphere is to plant colorful flowers. They do not only look nice in flower-pots, but they also look very inviting if they are placed along the way that leads to the entrance door of your house. This is a very clear symbol that signalizes that visitors are welcomed and the flowers will give them an impression as if they had been waiting for them and greet them. If you put decorations next to your entrance door or at your door, consider picking similar colors, which will resemble those of the flowers along the path leading to it. Statues or other decorative objects at the entrance door should have some details to them or a few words written on them like “Welcome to our home”. Visitors who will wait at your entrance door will thus have a chance to look at those details while they wait for the door to be opened and feel cared for from the very first moment they come to visit you.
As you can see, there are many ways of getting a warm and welcoming message across. By considering those ideas for designing an inviting front yard, you can express a positive attitude to your visitors. That way, people knocking your door will feel well in your front yard and in the moment you open your door, both you and your visitor will have a positive and enchanted feeling.


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